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Ingredient: Banana

Vegan banana and raisin muffins

If you like banana bread, you’ll love these dairy-free muffins. The sweetness comes from banana and raisins which will boost your fibre intake.

Mocha porridge

The cacao nibs, coffee extract and medjool dates make this energy-boosting breakfast taste like a sweet and luxurious treat.

Chocolate and banana bars

A healthy-ish sweet treat which is perfect for lunchboxes or as an on-the-go snack. They also freeze brilliantly, and the recipe can be adapted to substitute the chocolate for nuts...

Caramel date porridge

Known as the 'King of Dates', medjool dates make a brilliant substitute for sugary syrups and a perfect topping for your morning porridge.

Banana and date overnight oats

Save rushing around in the morning by prepping your breakfast the night before. It takes 2 minutes to make and costs less than 50p per portion.

Peanut butter and banana smoothie

If you can't stomach a big breakfast, this is the perfect on-the-go solution, especially in the summer. It's cheap on the wallet too.

Blueberry smoothie bowl

Add some colour to your breakfast with this cooling smoothie bowl, which is full of vitamins and fibre. It's quick, easy and vegan-friendly.

Best banana bread

A real family favourite. The key to a deliciously moist and sweet banana bread is to use the darkest, spottiest bananas possible. If you're watching your sugar intake, substitute some...

Gingerbread porridge

Refreshing pops of dragon fruit and banana balance the warmth of ginger in this creamy porridge, which will make your house smell of gingerbread.

Banana and dark chocolate flapjacks

A healthy spin on a traditional flapjack. Natural sweetness is provided by bananas and medjool dates, which helps to keep the bars moist. Using dark chocolate chips instead of milk...

Dairy-free apple smoothie

If you’re an apple crumble or pie lover, you’ll love this smoothie recipe which is dairy free and low in added sugar.

Dark chocolate and banana muffins

A healthy treat to satisfy any sweet craving. Studies show good-quality dark chocolate can lower the risk of heart disease, plus it's rich in minerals such as iron and magnesium.